For The Future Of The Town Of The Blue Mountains

Odette Bartnicki for Deputy Mayor

Welcome to my website

My husband Andrew and I enjoyed professional public-sector careers while raising our children, all of whom are now working professionals.  We are also fortunate to have five wonderful grandchildren who love The Blue Mountains as we did as small children!  Now that our family is independent, we can devote even more of our time to serving our community.  We love the "small town" sense of warmth and caring, and we appreciate the unique character and history of Banks, Blue Mountain Village, Camperdown, Castle Glen, Christie Beach, Clarksburg, Craigleith, Duncan, Gibraltar, Heathcote, Kolapore, Little Germany, Lora Bay, Loree, Ravenna, Red Wing, Slabtown, Swiss Meadows, Thornbury and Victoria Corners.  All are important to our identity.  As Deputy Mayor, I will work to ensure the sustainability of all and that citizens all over the Town of The Blue Mountains have a voice.

Andrew and I enjoy the healthy, active lifestyle that attracts many to the area all year round, and we both volunteer locally.  I am involved as:

  • Chair, Blue Mountains Public Library Board;

  • Victim Services Crisis Responder and Volunteer Program Developer (currently not active due to campaign)

  • Member, 100 Women Who Care South Georgian Triangle.

We've been coming to the Blue Mountains since we were small children, and we are both committed to the protection of our natural environment.  We reduce our eco-footprint by supporting local tourism, business and professional services, which also promotes economic sustainability and prosperity in our community.  

We are very fortunate to be able to call the Town of The Blue Mountains home, and it is important to us to ensure that this beautiful region remains a healthy, vibrant, sustainable community for decades to come.

"Our future is about more than jobs, dollars and growth.  It is about making a home for present generations and preparing a place for those of the future.  It is about young families finding new opportunities and retirees find a wonderful lifestyle.  It is about understanding the immense economic value of protecting our natural environment and preserving the rural and agricultural sectors." (From Red Hot & Blue, 2010 Created By The People of The Blue Mountains and Their Friends)

That's exactly why I am running for Deputy Mayor!

Why Vote for Me for Deputy Mayor?

By voting in the municipal election, you are selecting the people who will determine the priorities, direction and future of our Town!  When you vote for me for Deputy Mayor, you are voting for proven leadership, for stepping up to address challenges, for integrity, accountability and commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.

 I bring:

  • 30+ Years of Career Leadership as Teacher, Consultant, Vice Principal, Principal, Superintendent and Director of Education in three school boards, the Ministry of Education, and in the Private School System;
  • Accomplished Adult Educator:
    • 'Violence Threat Risk" (police, social workers, education administrators);
    • 'Crucial Conversations - Vital Smarts' (education and business leaders);
    • 'Safe Schools Legislation: Equity & Inclusion' (Osgoode Law School, York University);
    • Recently re-designed Victim Services Volunteer Training Program, including preparation of trainers;
  • Author of books on Literacy and Mathematics and publications on Equity and Inclusion;

Recognized success on national, provincial and local boards:

  • Blue Mountains Public Library Board;

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters;

  • Ontario Public Supervisory Official Association;

  • Canadian Association of School Administrators;

Committed to life-long learning

  • Negotiation & Mediation Qualifications, Queens University;

  • Sustainability Qualifications, Schulich School of Business, York University;

  • Not-for-Profit Governance Qualifications, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University;

  • Master of Education, York University;

Demonstrated success locally: Blue Mountains Public Library Board

  • Applied and appointed following the crisis of April 2016 which the goal of establishing respect for staff and building trust in the community;

  • demonstrated the skills, commitment and knowledge to resolve issues in a timely manner;

  • Chaired two recruiting committees, hiring both the interim and permanent CEOs; 

  • Chair CEO Evaluation Committee;

  • Chair Strategic Planning Committee which has just finalized Strategic Plan 2018-2022 (September 14) with 717 community members contributing over 1500 comments;

  • By-laws and Governance Committee member which has updated and written over 93 policies ;

  • Currently Chair of the Board.


Much has been accomplished: The next Library Board will inherit an enduring legacy in terms of Governance Policy, a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town that is a model for the province, and a Strategic Plan 2018-2022 based on extensive community consultation. I present this as an example of my commitment and ability to work with others to turn around unproductive situations and as evidence of proven leadership!

For my resume click here.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens
can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

                                                                                                                                              Margaret Mead


I have had the pleasure of knowing Odette Bartnicki  for the last 20 plus years on a personal basis. As a result, I have also  followed her professional career in Education  and can attest to her drive and high energy to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. Odette always seems to maintain  a sincere, kind ,compassionate and calm demeanour with everyone she meets and gains their respect which attests to her leadership and sound communication skills. She is adept at understanding political landscapes whether in her personal or professional life with the ability  to handle any adverse situation with ease.    I have no doubt , given her strong character and political savvy that she would be a perfect fit for Municipal politics and undoubtedly put the interests of the people of Blue Mountain first, in every instance, and serve them well !

Gary G. McCann, IBM Executive (retired)


Odette was recognized with the Halton Police Services Award in 2013. After several years of working with Odette, J. Gordon, Inspector (Retired) says: “Odette is dedicated, intelligent and works extremely well with people from all walks of life. She demonstrates compassion and patience, is an exceptional communicator, a great listener, and possesses a strength of character.”

"Odette has made significant contributions in time and expertise to the development of Victim Services Bruce Grey Peth. This included a complete review and reorganization of volunteer training and development of a fundraising presentation securing $18,000 to support grief counselling for people in the Town of The Blue Mountains."

"Odette can easily identify an issue, problem solve solutions and engage support, utilizing her significant leadership skills, to ensure the work is completed. Victim Services has been blessed to have Odette Bartnicki as a champion in our community."

Anne Elliott, MSW, Director, Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth

E. Lanigan, CEO of the Rotherglen School System where Odette worked as Director of Education says: “Odette took a strong role in engagement and enthusiastically fostered positive public relations. She quickly identified areas of focus for system improvement and established strong, supportive relationships with all stakeholders. She shared a wealth of knowledge to create models for meaningful and sustainable growth. Odette was exceptional in modelling how to resolve conflict, always remaining mindful of positive resolutions for all parties concerned."


Through some difficult circumstances at an Ontario Board of Education, J. Trigg, Psychological Associate (Retired) says: “In such circumstances, Odette considered all aspects of the situation, struck a fair balance and worked through it with integrity. Her honesty and fairness were evident to all of those who worked with her. I feel that she will work in the same principled manner when elected Deputy Mayor."


“Odette is a confident leader who demonstrates compassion and patience and uses sound judgement when dealing with difficult or sensitive situations. She is down to earth, positive, wise and generous of spirit and deed. She has qualities and skills to deal with people from all backgrounds in stressful and challenging circumstances."

Mary Jo McArthur Scott, Secondary Teacher (Retired)