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"If you give up on the idea that your voice can make a difference, then other voices will fill the void." 

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Make sure your information is up to date.

Ontario’s municipal and school board elections take place on October 22, 2018. (Advanced polling will begin October 12th.). If you are a resident, owner or tenant of property in Ontario, a Canadian citizen and 18 or older you can vote in municipal and school board elections. By logging into, eligible electors can:

  • confirm or update their electoral information
  • add an elector name to an address
  • change school support


Own property here, but live elsewhere?  Yes, you can vote here!!!

If you own or rent property in The Town of the Blue Mountains and are otherwise eligible to vote (over 18, Canadian Citizen) you can vote in the Town of the Blue Mountains, as well as in any other municipality where you own property as well (provided that the other municipalities are not within the same county).  There are three ways that you can qualify to vote in a municipality:

1. As a resident elector if you live in the municipality: You may own, rent, live in shared accommodation where you do not pay rent or live in the municipality but do not have a fixed address. Being a resident elector is the most common type of eligibility.

2. As a non-resident elector if you own or rent property in a municipality, but it’s not the one where you live: You can only be a resident elector in one municipality. However, you can be a non-resident elector in any other municipality (or municipalities) where you own or rent property.

3. As the spouse or partner of a non-resident elector if your spouse/partner owns or rents property in the municipality or municipalities other than the one where you live.

For more information visit page three of the 2018 voter's guide.


Internet and Telephone Voting.

The Town of The Blue Mountains will be using both internet and telephone voting in the 2018 Election.  Mail-in and paper ballots will not be used.

With internet and telephone voting, electors will have the opportunity to cast their ballots where telephone or internet service is available from anywhere in the world between October 12th and October 22. Eligible electors will receive a voter package in the mail around October 4th. The package includes instructions, voter's identification number, and a personal identification number (PIN) that must be used with a secondary piece of information, usually date of birth. Voters will also receive the URL and the telephone number for the voting system, along with a list of candidates.

The Town will offer Help Centres throughout the election period. (The Library will be one of the Help Centres.) Voters can vote any time within the authorized voting period (October 12th to 22nd) by telephone, hand-held device (cell phone) tablet or computer.

To learn more follow the link below for the Internet Voting Voter Education Video.


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